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8 Benefits of a New Roof

Installing a new roof is an excellent way to refresh the look of your house. It is the perfect chance for you as a property owner to modernize using the latest guttering and roofing styles. When the new roof is done, everyone who passes by will admire your efforts.

Most people are intimidated by the prospect of replacing their roof. However, there are numerous benefits to installing a new roof.

What benefits does a new roof have?

There are short-term, long0term, and financial benefits to consider. A new roof has lots of benefits that come with it. Far too many to talk about in this blog post. Here are eight benefits for you to consider when thinking about replacing your roof.

1. Easier to Sell

If you’re considering selling your house, a new roof is a great selling point and can help you get a premium price for your property. The roof’s age and condition on your house are among the most significant factors in a potential buyer’s mind. If you preemptively replace your roof, you have potentially eliminated the biggest roadblock to a quick and painless sale.

2. Return on Investment

Not only does a new roof protect your home better than an older roof, but it also is an excellent investment. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) released a remodeling impact report that found new roofs provide a 109 percent return, which means you could make a profit on your new roof.

3. Curb Appeal

First impressions matter. Curb appeal is the first impression that a homebuyer acquires when surveying the artistic look of a house even before they see what’s beyond the front door. The exterior look influences their mind on the rest of the house. The roof is one of the most visible pieces of your home. A roof with visible damage or discoloration sends the message that your house isn’t well maintained, regardless of how tidy you keep the inside.

4. Lower Monthly Bills

Roofs made using the latest technology are more efficient than those from years ago. Older roofs put a strain on the cooling and heating system, leading to higher energy bills. The energy efficiency depends on the material used to build it and the type of installation process used to attach components. Choosing the precise roof type for your home should be backed by careful research and planning. Consider your budget, home location, and how you want the house to look.

Your contractor or roofing company may offer advice on the way forward, helping you develop all the options that align with your needs. Nevertheless, it is recommended to evaluate your options before you start seeking their products and services.

5. Safety

Every homeowner should prioritize safety. Though it is quite challenging to visualize a dangerous roof, an older one is more likely to lead to extreme damage when the unthinkable happens. They pose a real danger to occupants’ lives if not maintained regularly or replaced when needed. Heavy rains and storms can exacerbate the risk associated with cracked or loose tiles and wobbly interior beams. The roof is likely to collapse if put under too much pressure by natural factors.

6. Homeowners Insurance Discount

While a new roof can have an overwhelming cost impact on homeowners, they can benefit from insurance companies’ discounts. A total roof upgrade can help them save money on their monthly premiums.

To give you a discount, your insurance company may have to inspect the new roof to ascertain the type of materials used and the method of installation applied. They can then notify you of the discount that you qualify.

It is common for insurance companies to discount your policy by up to 20 percent if you replaced your roof fully and correctly. This is a great way to help offset the cost of your new roof.

7. Less Stress on the homeowner

Older and/or damaged roofs are significantly more likely to sustain even more damage every time there is a storm. High winds, rain, hail, and falling tree limbs are some of the most common ways new damage happens. Knowing you have an older roof that is potentially taking on more and more damage can be a very stressful thing. Many homeowners incur significantly less stress after their new roof is installed, and they no longer have to be continuously concerned.

8. Fire Safety

Newer roofs made of modern materials and installed with modern techniques are less likely to sustain heavy damage in the event of a fire. They can also help to slow the spread of a fire, giving more time for help to arrive.

If you’re considering a new roof, the first step is a roof inspection to determine where you stand and what your options are moving forward. Champion Restoration & Construction is perfectly suited to assist. We have the people and the tools to inspect your roof, find the perfect solution for you, and help you work with the insurance company to get the best value possible for you. Give us a call today!