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How To Safely Remove Snow From Your Roof

The turn of the new year means that winter is in full effect. In colder climates, there is the threat of measurable snowfall. Moderate to heavy storms could leave several inches and potentially feet of the white precipitation atop roofs. Homeowners are then often left wondering how to remove the snow from their homes.

The Potential Dangers Snow Poses To Homeowners

Though occasionally taken for granted, few exterior components of your home bear more importance than roofs. The exterior of your home protects the interior from cold temperatures, whipping winds, and icy precipitation. That said, when significant amounts of snow collect on these coverings, homeowners stand at greater risk of encountering possible hazards including:

  • Structural Damages

The weight and water content contained in snow could bring forth unpleasant occurrences, such as damage to the roof and its associated components, leaks, and internal destruction of features like walls and ceilings.

  • Health Hazards

Snow-related damage could result in appreciable health concerns. Roof collapses can injure the stricken home’s residents. Leaks may lead to the development of potential health-threatening materials like mildew and mold. Additionally, leakages enable large quantities of cold air to penetrate a home’s interior resulting in decreased temperatures. Said events may increase one risk for illness.

  • Increased Energy Costs

In addition to health concerns, cold air penetration could place greater strain on heating units to keep residences safe and comfortable. At the end of the day, this often results in drastic utility expense spikes.

Safe Snow Removal Techniques

  • Contact A Professional

When snow piles up and must be removed from the roof, homeowners are firmly urged to avoid climbing atop said structure using a ladder at all costs. Construction and safety experts caution that this action is ill-advised and dangerous in optimal conditions much less when weather conditions are bad.

Therefore, the best advice property proprietors can be given is to retain the services of a professional roof cleaning or snow removal service. Said professionals will possess the equipment and acumen to perform this challenging task safely.

  • Utilize Snow Rakes

Those who must undertake the task themselves are strongly advised to utilize ground-based removal activities. Owners of single-floor homes might be able to access roofs utilizing long-handled snow rakes. These items are typically not expensive and readily available for purchase online or at well-known home improvement or home maintenance chains.

  • Ensure The Surrounding Ground Is Safe

Prior to commencing the removal process, property owners are strongly encouraged to shovel out an appreciable amount of space to safely move around. Snow-covered or icy grounds could increase one’s risk of sustaining injury due to slip and fall incidents.

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