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Why You May Want to Install New Gutters Along with Your Roof

Getting a new roof can be a large investment for many homeowners. What many homeowners don’t know is that other home improvements may need to be made in addition to the new roof. Oftentimes, homeowners opt for replacing their gutters in addition to their roof installation to ease any fears about their gutters being ineffective or old. 

Benefits of Installing New Gutters With Your New Roof

Gutters are an important part of your home as they help deter debris and water from entering your home. When your gutters are old or not in ideal shape, they can cause damage to your home over time. Whether this includes water damage and the growth of mold or external, physical damage to your home. Many roofing contractors believe that it is a good idea for homeowners to replace their gutters after undergoing a roof installation. 

While roof installers can complete your roof’s installation without removing the gutters, they can often become damaged after a full roof replacement. The damage can range from minor cuts and dings to larger damages that can leave a gutter ineffective. Many homeowners decide to replace their gutters in addition to replacing their roof because they may not know the age of their gutters and figure that they may as well get them replaced. Getting your gutters replaced can provide peace of mind to homeowners otherwise concerned with the efficiency and life of their gutters. 

How to Know When to Leave Your Gutters Alone 

If you are contemplating replacing your gutters you should first contemplate why you believe your gutters need to be replaced. If you are being pressured into getting a gutter replacement by your roofing contractors, it might not be the best idea. Be sure to do the following before committing to a gutter replacement:

  • Ask questions- Many roofing contractors may have your best interest at heart when they tell you that you need new gutters, however, some will try to sell you a worse gutter model in order to make money. Be sure to ask your contractors why they believe your gutters need replaced and try to understand where they are coming from. 
  • Contemplate your options- When it comes to gutter replacement, a roofing contractor may not be the specialist needed to handle that job. While they are welcome to make recommendations, they might not have the specialty to install the gutters themselves. Additionally, they may only offer certain types of gutters that don’t fit the style of your home. If you do decide to get a gutter replacement along with your new roof, it might be a good idea to check out gutter installation specialists.

The decision on whether or not to replace your gutters is an important one and should be made based on expert opinion and additional research into your options. Be sure that you are making the right decision for yourself, your loved ones, and the safety of your home.